Why do you want the oil?

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we are not a commercial (as in profit making) organisation. We are real people trying to reduce our need for imported fuels.

We are possibly more concerned about Britain's dependence on foreign fuel, than we are on the carbon footprint of fossil fuel consumption, but, either way, we have gradually been swapping our own energy requirement over to both renewable, and more importantly, locally sourced fuels.

Unlike large scale waste collectors, we are not interested in exporting oils half way around the world again (to countries such as Germany, where bio-fuels have been 'pushed' far harder by the governments) but would rather see its use it locally, and stop at least a small amount of money flowing out, away from the UK towards countries like Russia (for natural gas) and the Middle East (for crude oil)

My concern about my own family's reliance on, possibly unstable, foreign parties, coupled with my training in biology, and my work as an engineer has pushed me to using locally sourced used cooking oil for, not only, transesterification to 'bio-diesel' but also for direct fuel use in a specialised electricity and home heating unit (based, at least partially, on 1940s British machinery, again, rescued from scrap)

In short, I'm an enthusiast, but also, as noted elsewhere, fully supported by the EA, and have been doing this long enough to realise the importance of the things that matter to you, probably most notably, straight talking honesty and reliability.