Why do you want the oil?

All the oil collected is used locally for fuel. Absolutely NO oil is sold, shipped abroad, etc. etc. - its all used in local, not for profit ventures, including biodiesel production and electricity generation.

Is there a tie in?

Absolutely not. We're interested in anything from hundreds of litres to individual cans, either as repeat collections or 1-off jobs. Because we're local and small scale, we're flexible and can work with you for the best service.

Do you supply oil?

No, we're waste collection only. We have no vested interests in other areas. We are not interested in selling you overpriced and uncompetative fresh oil and then offering you 'rebate' on your waste. We pay you for your used oil, without contract, plain and simple!

(Next time you visit your local cash and carry (Booker, Makrco etc.) have a look at their fresh oil prices - you may be shocked at your current overpayment?)

Do you have the correct paperwork?

Of course. We are fully supported by the Environmental Health Agency, and our details can be found on the bottom of any and all waste transfer paperwork we supply.

These details allow you to prove to the EA inspectors that you are disposing of your waste oil in an approved manor.

What is your payment?

Strictly cash - no vouchers, no tokens, no magic beans, and no hollow promises. Cash on pickup, plain and simple. We offer 10 pence per litre and, unlike other collectors we will even pay this rate for solid oils!

The only thing we would ask is that the non-oil content of the purchased oil is low. Some kitchen processes may introduce large quantities of water into the oil, and, understandably, we're not keen on buying dirty water!

If there is salvageable vegetable oil though, we will remove it from your premises, warts and all!